Hamburger Bed
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FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

We try to answer the most commonly asked questions here. But, if you do not see the answer you seek please feel free to contact us

Who made the hamburger bed?

Kayla Kromer of Austin, Texas.

Is the bed for sale?

Probably not as the Hamburger Museum really is the perfect place for another hamburger bed. But if the right person wanted to give it a loving home and continues the community, then Hamburger Harry might be willing to part with it.

If so how much does it cost?

Like said above Hamburger Harry is really not looking to sell the bed, but he understands the need to collect Hamburgers. The last thing he would want to do is torture a fellow hamburger collector with “not for sale at any price”, so the bed is for sale but at the not too motivated price of $25,000.00.

Who is Hamburger Harry?

Hamburger Harry is an independent business owner who LOVES to collect hamburger memorabilia aka BurgerBilia. He loves it so much that he has created the world's only Hamburger Museum and the world famous Hamburger Harley.

What does Hamburger Harry do?

He runs the world famous Hamburger Museum, but the museum does not pay the bills. So Hamburger Harry also runs Cruising Daytona an online retail store that is the home to The Burger Shop.

What is Cruising Daytona?

Cruising Daytona is an online novelty store which stocks a rather large variety of auto & Americana based memorabilia and knick-knacks. Some of which include: Fine aluminum Novelty License Plates, a wide selection of Key Rings, decorative Street Signs, a wide collection of Belt Buckles, a diverse selection of Hat Pins, and many Bottle Openers & Money Clips.